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SB 911 – State government: California Board to Fund Public Interest Media

Introduced by Senator Glazer

(Principal coauthors: Senators Allen and Newman)

(Coauthor: Senator Limon and Assembly member Christina Garcia)

Current law creates the California Public Broadcasting Commission in State government as an independent commission to encourage growth and development of public broadcasting services to the people of California. This measure would create another level of bureaucracy, “California Board to Fund Public Interest Media”. This 15-member board would exist only if appropriations were secured from the Legislature, the public by donations or both.

POSTED: May 21, 2022

STATUS: Senate Appropriations - third reading


Thoughts for Consideration:

  • This measure is to be government funded, It will become government media and an unnecessary expenditure of public funds.

  • This 15-member body will be subject to partisan persuasion and an unnecessary growth of government.


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